Nathan P. Kinkade
» POSITION: Senior Platform Engineer
» PROJECT: Measurement Lab
Open Technology Institute: 10/2014 - 02/2019
Code for Science & Society: 3/2019 - Present
» LOCATION: Remote
» DESCRIPTION: My principal activites revolve around managing, maintaining and improving a global Internet testing platform. The platform is underpinned by a kubernetes cluster consisting mostly of bare-metal machines.
» TECHNOLOGIES: GNU/Linux, systems administration, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform/Packer, Prometheus, Grafana, Golang, Ansible, Nagios, shell scripting
» POSITION: Systems Administrator, Web Developer (contract)
» ORGANIZATION: Fabricatorz, LLC
» DATES: 5/2013 - 7/2014
» LOCATION: San Francisco, CA (remote from Miami, FL)
» DESCRIPTION: Fabricatorz was a small development company with a highly distributed staff. I managed all of the Fabricatorz servers, which were all VMs through Rackspace, Linode and Daily duties included typical things like backups, filesystem auditing, monitoring and updates. The sysadmin role not being full-time, I also participated in Web development projects, focusing mainly on PHP-based applications. Fabricatorz used primarily a LAMP stack.
» TECHNOLOGIES: GNU/Linux, system administration, LAMP, Web development, Varnish Cache, Nagios
» POSITION: Senior Systems Administrator
» ORGANIZATION: Creative Commons
» DATES: 6/2007 - 7/2013
» LOCATION: San Francisco, CA (remote from Miami, FL after 10/2008)
» DESCRIPTION: This position was a mixture of tasks that included typical system administration, Web development, and some external messaging. The tech team was small, requiring a skill set that was more broad and wide rather than narrow and deep. Managed an assorted group of (Debian) servers, some dedicated and some virtualized. Handled pretty much all software installations and upgrades, as well as troubleshooting and extending existing software. As a side duty, in order to help distribute the work load at CC, I was also the only person behind for a number of years, answering many thousands of inquiries. I mention this by way of highlighting my communication skills.
» TECHNOLOGIES: GNU/Linux, system/network administration, LAMP, Varnish Cache, python, Web development, Nagios, communication and messaging
» POSITION: Systems/Network Administrator, Web Developer
» DATES: 1/2006 - 2/2007
» LOCATION: Panama City, Republic of Panama
» DESCRIPTION: Responsible for maintenance and monitoring of principal Web-hosting and email servers. One main tasks was the conversion of static Web sites to PHP/MySQL driven sites with accompanying administrative interfaces. Installed and implemented GNU/Linux- and FreeBSD-based servers for clients which provided services such as Web, email, DNS, Windows file sharing via Samba, and firewalls. Acted as a general internal (and sometimes external) consultant for just about anything computer-related, from Web development, to GNU/Linux, to programming, to security, etc.
» TECHNOLOGIES: LAMP, Web development, GNU/Linux, system/network administration, Spanish
» POSITION: Information Technology Volunteer
» DATES: 6/2003 - 7/2005
» LOCATION: Belmopan, Belize, Central America
» DESCRIPTION: My primary assignment was with the University of Belize. On a day to day basis I acted as a network and systems administrator and offered support for the regular university systems administrators. Two of my larger projects were the enhancement of network security via the implementation and configuration of a FreeBSD-based firewall for the entire campus, and a complete network redesign making use of several FreeBSD-based routers and sub-networking. I also created a computer lab of diskless X-terminals using old hardware the University had laying around. Co-taught an introduction to Linux class at the University. Outside of the University, I frequently worked with several NGOs in the area in the capacity of a technical support contact, as well as having developed a few Web sites and databases for them.
» TECHNOLOGIES: FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, PHP, MySQL, networking, network security
» POSITION: Volunteer Computer Building Instructor
» DATES: 5/2002 - 6/2003
» LOCATION: Portland, OR
» DESCRIPTION: FreeGeek is a local, non-profit community technology and recycling center. FreeGeek makes exclusive use of free software, and especially GNU/Linux. My principal function at FreeGeek was teaching computer building classes. Using recycled computer components, I taught students how to build a computer from the ground up. Wrote a PHP-based quality control program to assist in verifying the quality of the computers which the students had built.
» TECHNOLOGIES: GNU/Linux, computer hardware, PHP, teaching, patience
» POSITION: PHP Developer, Systems Administrator (contract)
» ORGANIZATION: Sisgrate Technologies
» DATES: 1/2002 - 4/2002
» LOCATION: Vancouver, WA
» DESCRIPTION: My main responsibilities revolved around writing custom PHP code. Performed customization, on a case by case basis, of a PHP/Web-based support database to better suit Sisgrate's needs. Performed routine troubleshooting and maintenance of servers and network for both Sisgrate and clients.
» TECHNOLOGIES: LAMP, GNU/Linux, HTML, Windows 2000
» POSITION: Systems Administrator (contract)
» DATES: 3/2001 - 8/2001
» LOCATION: Portland, OR
» DESCRIPTION: Administered a 24x7 Windows NT data center. Was responsible for the resolution of any problems in the data center causing customers to lose service – including hardware, software, and network issues. Worked directly with customers toward the resolution of any such problems when necessary.
» TECHNOLOGIES: System administration, Web hosting, protocol analysis, Windows NT
» POSITION: Technical Support
» ORGANIZATION: New Edge Networks
» DATES: 4/2000 - 3/2001
» LOCATION: Vancouver, WA
» DESCRIPTION: Provided technical support to ISP partners and DSL installation technicians. Provisioned PVCs (private virtual circuits) on NEN's national network. Worked closely with ILEC field and central office technicians to troubleshoot and resolve problems with DSL circuits. Used graphical and text based network management tools to monitor, configure, and troubleshoot circuits across NEN's network. Remotely tested leased copper circuits for fitness to carry a DSL signal. Wrote a custom Visual Basic application which installation technicians used to configure CPE (customer premise equipment) through a serial port.
» TECHNOLOGIES: Networking (DSL, ATM, Frame Relay), Visual Basic, telecom, communication
» POSITION: Database Consultant
» ORGANIZATION: Catering by Windows
» DATES: 7/1998 - 10/1999
» LOCATION: Alexandria, VA
» DESCRIPTION: I and a partner created an integrated database system for a prominent catering company in the Washington D.C. area. Through automation, the system dramatically improved the efficiency of the way this business operated. Sales persons performed their jobs more quickly and easily, while management had better control of employee actions, and real-time visibility of critical data.
» TECHNOLOGIES: Database design, FileMaker Pro, Macintosh OS
» POSITION: Microsoft Access Consultant
» DATES: 10/1998 - 2/1999
» LOCATION: Atlanta, GA
» DESCRIPTION: Managed, maintained, and updated a database which tracked the provisioning of frame relay circuits. Provided on-the-fly, customized reporting for Wang Global management and other project implementers. Worked directly with network service providers to resolve issues regarding timely network deployment.
» TECHNOLOGIES: Microsoft Access, Frame Relay, telecom
» POSITION: Customer Service
» ORGANIZATION: Columbia Sportswear
» DATES: 11/1996 - 5/1998
» LOCATION: Portland, OR
» DESCRIPTION: Organized efforts to accommodate special packaging request from Columbia's customers. Corresponded daily with Columbia's overseas liaison offices to coordinate the attachment of special tags and labels at the factory. Designed and implemented a custom Microsoft Access database to manage the highly time sensitive needs of the department. The database automated many daily and mission-critical activities, and incidentally was responsible for launching me inadvertently into technology.
» TECHNOLOGIES: Customer service, communication, Microsoft Access, database design
» POSITION: Automotive Technician
» ORGANIZATION: Sunrise Oldsmobile / Firestone
» DATES: 10/1994 - 10/1996
» LOCATION: Daytona Beach, FL / Atlanta, GA
» DESCRIPTION: Responsible for repair and maintenance of customer vehicles. Achieved ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certifications in Electrical Systems and Base Brake Systems.
» TECHNOLOGIES: Mechanical and electrical troubleshooting
Bachelor of Arts, History, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, 1994