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masterChanged all link colors to blue.Nathan Kinkade8 years
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2014-08-20Changed all link colors to blue.HEADmasterNathan Kinkade
2014-08-14Changed hover colors for menu items to be more inline with theme... shades of...Nathan Kinkade
2014-08-13A few minor changes to the styles.Nathan Kinkade
2014-07-22Added old image header and push down video on Vivo mouse page.Nathan Kinkade
2014-07-14A few CSS tweaks for the Vivo pages.Nathan Kinkade
2014-07-14Very ugly commit. Wasn't on top of regular commits, so this is just a blast ...Nathan Kinkade
2014-06-16Initial commit of Vortant theme based on WordPress twentythirteen stock theme.Nathan Kinkade