AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-04-04Fixed a couple bad references to old environment variables for icons that don...npkNathan Kinkade
2009-04-04Removed a spurious background image in the mailboxlist that was causing dupli...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-04Remove the 10K watermark from the preview pane.Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-04Fixes moving and copying of threads so that all children of selected messages...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-04Redoing the previously undone commit, but this time add an extra file that I ...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-04Revert "There never was a unread_children.png image and I don't need it anywa...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-04There never was a unread_children.png image and I don't need it anyway, so re...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-04Implemented CSS fix for npk theme done in commit e099a58.Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-04Fixed a bug where the CSS sprites icon holder wasn't floating left in the Mov...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-04Fixes a bug where read messages continued to display the unread icon.Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-04Set default text width to 80 characters which seems to be more inline with Gm...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-03Fixed a small bug I introduced in the threading patches where an expanded mes...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-02Removed this temporary working because the bug was fixed upstream: http://hg....Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-01CSS specificity problem was causing message flag icons to not show up properly.Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-01Selection of message icon div was too greedy for use with CSS sprites and thr...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-01Added the icon-set image to the npk theme for the CSS sprites implementation.Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-01Get npk theme mail.html template up to speed with CSS sprites implementation.Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-01Merged settings CSS changes from CSS sprites implementation from default them...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-01Merged CSS changes from CSS sprites implementation from default theme CSS fil...Nathan Kinkade
2009-04-01Fixes a display error caused by the cherry-pick of the CSS sprites implementa...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-31Cherry-picked rev 84a7acd which implemented CSS sprites into branch npk.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-26Update list dragging <div> to include names from address book, although it's ...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-25Fix a breakage caused by the threading patches where dragged messages didn't ...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-22Added some documentation for the NPK theme and also a patch file for core Rou...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-22Too large a commit, but ... implemented better handling of contexual display ...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-22Make main message interface buttons use configured Archives and Ham-not-spam ...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-22Make the folder where messages go when a user click the Archive button config...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-21So it seems that commits efdff41, cbc33bd, and 8f612c3 were all for naught an...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-21Allow user to configure which folder is used as the HamNotSpam folder in the ...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-21Cleaned up a bit, no code changes.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-21Reverted back to value of $max prior to commit cbc33bd, and implemented a sim...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-18Turns out I was wrong with commit 8f612c3, and this commit seems actually fix...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-16Got a little carried away with changing REFERENCES to X-REFERENCES2.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-15Get rid of some commented out code that is no longer needed.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-15Change-set to let the IMAP server do the sensible sorting of threads i.e. sor...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-15Don't ever save sort_order or sort_col in the session or database.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-15Disabled caching for RoundCube, as RC is on the same machine as the IMAP server.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-15Added a new config variable to specify a thread algorithm for the IMAP server...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-13Changed buttons from images to texual buttons on address book page.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12Shifted messagetoolbar 10px to the left. Why waste even 10px of horizontal s...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12Reordered buttons on buttonbar of main message list screen to better suit me.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12Realized I could use the CSS background image listheader_aqua.gif as the back...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12Moved functionality of toggling 'Not Spam' and 'Shred' buttons to app.js inst...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12I like blue links rather than red ones.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12A couple fixes to make sure Not Spam and Delete button stay visible when needed.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12Fix name of a specific label.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12Like the Not Spam button, only show the Delete button conditionally i.e. when...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12While I'm on the image-removal rampage, removed the images from the taskbar.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12Replaced image buttons on compose screen with texual buttons.Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-12Removed image buttons from message view and replaced with textual button.Nathan Kinkade