AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-23Changed Sent label to read Archive, because that's how I use that folder.local_0.9.0Nathan Kinkade
2013-04-15Bump version to 0.9-stableThomas Bruederli
2013-04-13Fix display of HTML entities in protected folder name (#1489042)Aleksander Machniak
2013-04-11Fix ticket referenceThomas Bruederli
2013-04-10Updated changelogThomas Bruederli
2013-04-10Set minimal permissions to temp files (#148899)Thomas Bruederli
2013-04-10Skip filename suffix check for embedded images; return blocked.gif instead of...Thomas Bruederli
2013-04-06Fix handling of invalid characters in message headers and output (#1489032)Aleksander Machniak
2013-04-05Fix selecting collapsed rows when using selection with Shift/Ctrl keyAleksander Machniak
2013-04-05Fix selecting collapsed rows on select-all (#1489036)Aleksander Machniak
2013-04-05Fix copying messages to a folder with "empty" name e.g. "0", better error han...Aleksander Machniak
2013-04-04Update changelogThomas Bruederli
2013-04-04Hack to reset PDO statement iterators after countingThomas Bruederli
2013-04-04Fix typoThomas Bruederli
2013-04-04Check for exact matching session keys before splitting into path segments. Ad...Thomas Bruederli
2013-04-04Add methods to append certain nodes to session data in order to avoid session...Thomas Bruederli
2013-04-03Fix possible header duplicates when using additional headers (#1489033)Aleksander Machniak
2013-04-02Skip message/rfc822 attachments only in reply modeAleksander Machniak
2013-04-02Fix session issues with use_https=true (#1488986)Aleksander Machniak
2013-04-02Fix empbedded warning iconAleksander Machniak
2013-04-02Fix blockquote width in sent mail (#1489031)Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-29Update releases listAleksander Machniak
2013-03-28Fix keyboard events on list widgets in Internet Explorer (#1489025) - It was ...Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-28Remove unwanted horizontal scrollbar on addressbook in Internet ExplorerAleksander Machniak
2013-03-28Add 'if not exists' to system table creation. Just in case some previous db u...Thomas Bruederli
2013-03-28Skip some irrelevant ini checks in CLI modeThomas Bruederli
2013-03-27Sanity check the file path for generic message footer before adding itThomas Bruederli
2013-03-27Update changelogAleksander Machniak
2013-03-27Whitelist configuration options (user preferences) that can be changed using ...Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-26Fix errors in IE8 when opening compose page in new windowAleksander Machniak
2013-03-26Remove sig_above configuration option, use reply_mode only (#1489001)Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-26Refresh current folder in opener window after draft save or message sent (#14...Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-26Better fix for "saving draft just after entering compose window (#1489012)"Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-25Fix saving draft just after entering compose window (#1489012)Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-24Be less restrictive on vCard import, do not require FN when N existsAleksander Machniak
2013-03-24Fix vcard folding when outputing already generated vcardAleksander Machniak
2013-03-24Match regex on multi-line sql statementsThomas Bruederli
2013-03-24Ensure backwards compatibility by considering old-style skin_path attribute f...Thomas Bruederli
2013-03-24Add some extension/mimetype aliases to fix some quirks in attachment type val...Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-23Remove composer template because the new plugin system isn't ready yetThomas Bruederli
2013-03-22Better fix for IE9 issue with document.activeElement error (#1489008)Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-22Fix javascript error in IE9 when loading form with placeholders into an ifram...Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-22Added two tests for HTML comments handling in rcube_washtml classAleksander Machniak
2013-03-22Fix handling of some conditional comment tags in HTML message (#1489004)Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-21Consider alternative table names from config when running DB updatesThomas Bruederli
2013-03-20Workaround for some versions/systems where finfo_open() with secondAleksander Machniak
2013-03-19Make mime.types common locations list OS-awareAleksander Machniak
2013-03-19Fix so forward as attachment works if additional attachment is added by messa...Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-18Fix wrapping of text lines with the same length as specified length limitAleksander Machniak
2013-03-17Fix javascript error when window name (for in IE8 contains a dotAleksander Machniak