AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-04-04Fixes a bug where read messages continued to display the unread icon.css_spritesNathan Kinkade
2009-03-28Implemented using a single image to display all icons via CSS positioning of ...Nathan Kinkade
2009-03-17- Fix incorrect row id parsing for LDAP contacts list (#1485784)alec
2009-03-11Fix charset conversion error loggingthomasb
2009-03-11- Fix 'mode' parameter in sqlite DSN (#1485772)alec
2009-03-10Added Marathi translationthomasb
2009-03-10Partially reverted r2339 + fix indentationthomasb
2009-03-09 * autoload is only invoked when a class is not found - no need for include_oncetill
2009-03-09Update Indonesian and Icelandic localizationthomasb
2009-03-09Fixed check-recent [richs]richs
2009-03-09Make ldap config template easier to uncommentthomasb
2009-03-07mk_MK updateyllar
2009-03-06- use US-ASCII as failover also for SORT command (when used for searching)alec
2009-03-06- Use US-ASCII as failover when Unicode searching fails (#1485762)alec
2009-03-06Simplified CHANGELOG; more details can be optained from the svn logthomasb
2009-03-06- Fix FETCH result parsing for servers returning flags at the end of result (...alec
2009-03-06- Fix errors handling in IMAP command continuations (#1485762)alec
2009-03-04Add tests for external stylesheet handlingthomasb
2009-03-04- Fix datetime columns defaults in mysql's DDL (#1485641)alec
2009-03-02Revert r2322; this is done in rcmail_html4inline() and now secured + fix teststhomasb
2009-03-02Create some basic unit tests based in simpletest.orgthomasb
2009-03-02Add callback for <a> tags to add target=_blankthomasb
2009-03-01- Support 'UNICODE-1-1-UTF-7' alias for UTF-7 encoding (#1485758)alec
2009-03-01- Fix attaching more than nine inline images (#1485759)alec
2009-03-01- es_ES update (#1485760)alec
2009-02-27Prevent concurrent autocomplete query results display (#1485743)thomasb
2009-02-27Changed code style for better diffsthomasb
2009-02-27Better wording for german localizationthomasb
2009-02-27Don't return empty string when UTF-7 decoding fails + cleanup codestylethomasb
2009-02-27Add mimetype for .rar files according to a comment in #1485311thomasb
2009-02-27Fix mime-type detection using a hard-coded map (#1485311)thomasb
2009-02-27#1485731: de_DE fixalec
2009-02-26- Fix new lines stripped from message footer (#1485751)alec
2009-02-24- Fix IE problem with mouse click autocomplete (#1485739)alec
2009-02-21#1485741: fix installer after some last changesalec
2009-02-19- fix r2301 (#1485745)alec
2009-02-18- Fix html body washing on reply/forward + fix attachments handling (#1485676)alec
2009-02-18- use RCMAIL_CHARSET constalec
2009-02-18Fix pspell's handling of special html characters (#1485744)ksteinhoff
2009-02-16- added info to create unicode database (#1485687)alec
2009-02-15fa updateyllar
2009-02-13- Fix replying to message with html attachment (#1485676)alec
2009-02-13- Fix multiple recipients input parsing (#1485733)alec
2009-02-11- Support non-standard "GMT-XXXX" literal in date header (#1485729)alec
2009-02-10- Use default_charset for messages without specified charset (#1485661, #1484...alec
2009-02-09asturian translationyllar
2009-02-09- Pass static method as array to preg_replace_callback (#1485689)alec
2009-02-08Added TNEF support to decode MS Outlook (winmail.dat) attachmentsthomasb
2009-02-08- Fix "value continuation" MIME headers by adding required semicolon (#1485727)alec
2009-02-06- Fix some base64 encoded attachments handling (#1485725)alec