AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-05-04Updated ChangelogHEADsvn-trunkthomasb
2012-05-04Fix multi-threaded autocompletion when number of threads > number of sourcesthomasb
2012-05-03 - pt_BR update to avoid the text-overflow on the compose button of Larry skinnetbit
2012-05-03 - Some improvements and completion of pt_BR language files.netbit
2012-05-03 - Fix the idn_convert() function call that was preventing the login with the...netbit
2012-05-02Fix handling of 'serialzied' LDAP address attributesthomasb
2012-05-02- Allow to configure the number of values allowed for each LDAP attributethomasb
2012-05-02Upgraded to PEAR::Mail_Mime 1.8.3thomasb
2012-05-02- Fix typoalec
2012-05-01Better handling of HTTP request errors; re-send keep-alive requests on failur...thomasb
2012-04-30Accept two past time slots for auth cookie validation; don't encode user-agen...thomasb
2012-04-27- Fix message paging navigation div effectively disables preview pane checkbo...alec
2012-04-27- Update Changelogalec
2012-04-26- Add IE8 hack for messages list issue (#1487821)alec
2012-04-26- Fix redirect to mail/compose on re-login (1488226)alec
2012-04-25- Fix spellchecker languages list on IE8alec
2012-04-25- IMprove full headers viewer for IEalec
2012-04-25- Improved all headers viewer (mostly in Larry skin)alec
2012-04-24- Fix importing vCard photo with ENCODING param specified (#1488432)alec
2012-04-24- Fix handling errors on draft auto-savealec
2012-04-24Bring back some legacy functions and session vars for better backwards compat...thomasb
2012-04-23- Add vCard import from multiple files at once (#1488015)alec
2012-04-23- Fix parsing ESEARCH (ALL) result and enabling ESEARCH for ordinary searchesalec
2012-04-23- Fix listing messages when: skip_deleted=true, ESEARCH supported, threads di...alec
2012-04-23- Remove redundant strtoupper() callalec
2012-04-23- Fix displaying special headers like Content-Typealec
2012-04-23- Implement set/get helper methods in rcube_message_header classalec
2012-04-22- Small code improvementsalec
2012-04-22- Fix issue where draft auto-save wasn't executed after some inactivity timealec
2012-04-21Updated Changelogthomasb
2012-04-21Support mutliple name/email pairs for Bcc and Reply-To identity settings (#14...thomasb
2012-04-21Revert r6094; Add caching for ACL and Metadatathomasb
2012-04-21Add (missing) support for textarea cols to be added to the contact formthomasb
2012-04-20- Fix typo (#1488325)alec
2012-04-20- Use user object instead of session, if possible, to get user ID when creati...alec
2012-04-19- Update the HTTPSocket class from 2.7 to 2.8 to avoid plugin problems when u...netbit
2012-04-19- Improved ttl values handlingalec
2012-04-19- Fix incorrect cache ttl used in get_cache_engine() (#1488447), use time() w...alec
2012-04-19- Fix attachment name regression (#1488446)alec
2012-04-18- Fix creating folders if ACL exists (1488443)alec
2012-04-18- Fix render_folder_tree_select() (#1488441)alec
2012-04-18- Add RCMAIL_CHARSET definition for Installer (#1488436)alec
2012-04-18- Uncomment 'organization'=>'o' - it worksalec
2012-04-17Respect force flag when counting messagesthomasb
2012-04-16- Moved session init/config functionality into rcube classalec
2012-04-16- Replace some references to rcmail with rcubealec
2012-04-16- Framework refactoring (I hope it's the last one):alec
2012-04-16- Fix label for group-remove-selected actionalec
2012-04-15- Small optimizationsalec
2012-04-15- More aliases of deprecated functionsalec