BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
css_spritesFixes a bug where read messages continued to display the unread icon.Nathan Kinkade12 years
local_0.8.6Changed folder label for Sent to Archive.Nathan Kinkade8 years
local_0.9.0Changed Sent label to read Archive, because that's how I use that folder.Nathan Kinkade8 years
nkinkadeAllow larger uploads and posts for email.Nathan Kinkade9 years
npkFixed a couple bad references to old environment variables for icons that don...Nathan Kinkade12 years
svn-trunkUpdated Changelogthomasb9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-04-16Changed folder label for Sent to Archive.local_0.8.6Nathan Kinkade
2013-03-27Bump version for 0.8.6 releaseThomas Bruederli
2013-03-27Sanity check the file path for generic message footer before adding itThomas Bruederli
2013-03-27Whitelist configuration options (user preferences) that can be changed using ...Aleksander Machniak
2013-02-10Properly quote form validation error messagesThomas Bruederli
2013-01-25Bump version to 0.8.5Thomas Bruederli
2013-01-25Merge branch 'release-0.8' of into release...Thomas Bruederli
2013-01-10Fix logo display in IE8 (#1488889)Thomas Bruederli
2013-01-10Mark mime_magic option with old default value as obsoleteThomas Bruederli
2013-01-10Avoid direct execution of installer includes (#1488895)Thomas Bruederli