BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
css_spritesFixes a bug where read messages continued to display the unread icon.Nathan Kinkade13 years
local_0.8.6Changed folder label for Sent to Archive.Nathan Kinkade9 years
local_0.9.0Changed Sent label to read Archive, because that's how I use that folder.Nathan Kinkade9 years
nkinkadeAllow larger uploads and posts for email.Nathan Kinkade10 years
npkFixed a couple bad references to old environment variables for icons that don...Nathan Kinkade13 years
svn-trunkUpdated Changelogthomasb10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-05-04Updated ChangelogHEADsvn-trunkthomasb
2012-05-04Fix multi-threaded autocompletion when number of threads > number of sourcesthomasb
2012-05-03 - pt_BR update to avoid the text-overflow on the compose button of Larry skinnetbit
2012-05-03 - Some improvements and completion of pt_BR language files.netbit
2012-05-03 - Fix the idn_convert() function call that was preventing the login with the...netbit
2012-05-02Fix handling of 'serialzied' LDAP address attributesthomasb
2012-05-02- Allow to configure the number of values allowed for each LDAP attributethomasb
2012-05-02Upgraded to PEAR::Mail_Mime 1.8.3thomasb
2012-05-02- Fix typoalec
2012-05-01Better handling of HTTP request errors; re-send keep-alive requests on failur...thomasb