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2014-07-12Don't select movies.HEADmasterNathan Kinkade
2012-09-28Added ability for a user to filter random image by album.Nathan Kinkade
2012-02-08Added a new maxsize parameter, and also slightly reconfiged syntax of height ...Nathan Kinkade
2012-02-04Keep double quotes for consistency and to make HTML prettier.Nathan Kinkade
2012-02-04Allow a target parameter to be passed as well.Nathan Kinkade
2012-02-04Allow a height parameter to be passed as well.Nathan Kinkade
2011-07-23Added width styling to <img> tag instead on containing <div>.Nathan Kinkade
2011-02-25Updated module description to be more descriptive.Nathan Kinkade
2011-01-14Moved version number back down to 1.0, because moving to 1.1 didn't work with...Nathan Kinkade
2011-01-09Overhaul of module, with a good many changes suggested by danneh3826 on the g...Nathan Kinkade