AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-02Only returns foods that are active in current database.devNathan Kinkade
2016-07-15Fix old reference to subversion, changing it to git.Nathan Kinkade
2016-01-19Fix adding custom includes, broken when I removed the php file extension from...Nathan Kinkade
2015-08-25Removed Piwik code.Nathan Kinkade
2015-07-01Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev'Nathan Kinkade
2015-07-01Move all rewrite rules to VirtualHost config.Nathan Kinkade
2015-07-01Remove dependence on ADOdb and use PHP PDO instead.Nathan Kinkade
2015-05-01Re-added Piwik javascript to footer.Nathan Kinkade
2014-11-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev'Nathan Kinkade
2014-11-06Removed benign stray slash at end of URL.Nathan Kinkade
2014-11-06Merge branch 'dev'Nathan Kinkade
2014-11-06Removed references to subversion... all is git now.Nathan Kinkade
2014-07-17Ignore the daily package of the production site.Nathan Kinkade
2014-07-17Removed an image file of my email address. Don't use it.Nathan Kinkade
2014-07-16Removed escaping from parts of URL as it was breaking them by escaping =Nathan Kinkade
2014-07-16Ignore Smarty template cache.Nathan Kinkade
2014-07-16Added SR25 database.Nathan Kinkade
2014-07-16Added a .gitignore file with one new entry.Nathan Kinkade
2014-04-15Fixed two bad form actions causing the forms not to work i.e. PHP_SELF uses *...Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-14Removed deprecated, and likely not even used, name attributes from a link (an...Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-14Fixed some escaping problems which were perhaps insecure and definitely causi...Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-14Fixed an HTML close tag error, and removed an old a tag that was doing nothing.Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-14Removed name attributes from a tags, as they are now deprecated.Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-14Fixed a grammar error.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-27Increased header height to better accommodate oversided form input fields in ...Nathan Kinkade
2013-07-12Fixed a missing end tag for a spanNathan Kinkade
2013-07-12Updated title and description headers.Nathan Kinkade
2013-03-12The action of the register form should not have a .php extension.Nathan Kinkade
2013-02-03Even though URL doesn't have .php extension, ->_thisScript still does... adde...Nathan Kinkade
2012-12-31Cleaned up .htaccess and moved two rules to the vhost config.Nathan Kinkade
2012-12-31Removed incorrect slashes before .htaccess rules.Nathan Kinkade
2012-12-31Updated README to have a small blurb about non-.php extension URLs and mod_re...Nathan Kinkade
2012-12-31Added an .htaccess file to handle new non .php extension URLsNathan Kinkade
2012-12-31Removed .php extension from URLs.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-29Get rid of development downloads and references.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-29Point db download to newest tar-gzipped version, sr25.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-15Removed a single stray period.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-15Update About page to reflect new version of datbase, now SR25.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Fixed bug where variable name set in PHP was different than the one reference...Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Fixed a type on main search page.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Style selects boxes a little bit.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Added a blurb about DRIs to the About page.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14More changing of meal to recipe.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Changed Meal to Recipe.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Changed meal to recipe in a number of files.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Removed => symbol from current recipe list, just clutter.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Fixed a bug where the Any Word option wasn't working. Not a plural.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Don't escape the query_string because it munges the URL.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Updated site page title.Nathan Kinkade
2012-11-14Update header title and keywords.Nathan Kinkade