AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2014-05-19Manually deleted file to fix merge conflict.HEADmasterNathan Kinkade
2014-05-19Fixed a very small typo in a comment.Nathan Kinkade
2014-04-12Added a small PHP script to show how many cases were pulled in on a given ↵Nathan Kinkade
day a certain times.
2014-04-12Added the ability to search by a range of case numbers.Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-31Break name out into a first and last field in the database as well as the ↵Nathan Kinkade
search interface.
2014-03-31Added Jin to the emails.Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-29Use the actual datetime, adjusted for Eastern timezone.Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-28Bumped the pagination page count to 5000 per Utpal.Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-28Fixed path for CSV export fileNathan Kinkade
2014-03-28Removed my email address from daily run script.Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-18Changed location of MySQL password file.Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-12Added an 'In jail?' field.Nathan Kinkade
2014-03-11Fix path to new search now that we are running on Kinkade
2014-03-11Overhauled way that non-sequential case numbers are attempted to be handled ↵Nathan Kinkade
on each run.
2014-03-11Added ability to pass in an ending parameter for court case sequence numbers.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-22Quote email subject, go back 25 cases to fill in holes, and clean up code a bit.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-22Modify the existing page= query param rather than continually adding new ones.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-18Set the daily run script to send a mail after it has run linking to all the ↵Nathan Kinkade
cases it pulled down.
2014-02-18Added a special 'between' search that I'll use internally. And also fixed a ↵Nathan Kinkade
problem where a MySQL date field can't be compared to an empty string.
2014-02-18Ignore .pyc files, and also the output of the interesting defendants script.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-18Make daily run script grab year dynamically now.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-18Add the 'Case Closed' field to the actual search form now.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-18Don't skip a case when warrant_type isn't found since it's now not there on ↵Nathan Kinkade
every case. Also, exit any try/except statement upon a KeyboardInterrupt exception... jeez.
2014-02-18Added ability to search on whether a case is open or closed.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-11Modified dispsition groups to break them out into yet a 4th group. I should ↵Nathan Kinkade
probably genericize the code to automate creation of the right number of files rather than modifying the code each time.
2014-02-08Shorted file handle variable that were getting out of control, and added ↵Nathan Kinkade
code to sort cases into various prioritized groups.
2014-02-08Added a few new dispositions to the list.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-08Added a new file good for sorting interesting cases into prioritized groups.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-08Don't process cases when any of the charges don't have a disposition.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-08Somehow I buggered the file and removed spaces... so this is just a fresh copy.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-08Fixed a couple typosNathan Kinkade
2014-02-07Only add entries if one of the two conditions is true, not both.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-07Link to charges for the given case.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-07Make court case number link back to main case information page.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-07Script and lists for filtering out interesting defendants.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-07Allow someone to search by case ID.Nathan Kinkade
2014-02-04Removed the blank option from years since this is now a multi select box.Nathan Kinkade
2014-01-29A small script for a cron job that will daily fetch the latest cases.Nathan Kinkade
2014-01-10It would appear that where clause order does matter, and significantly, at ↵Nathan Kinkade
least in terms of these queries on the dockets table.
2014-01-10Forgot to modify with docket and charge joins.Nathan Kinkade
2014-01-10Try to slightly speed up fetching total row count for pagination by using ↵Nathan Kinkade
count(*) instead of the normal select.
2014-01-10Optimize searched for dockets a little bit. Still not perfect, but vastly ↵Nathan Kinkade
better than before.
2013-11-28Just realized that these 500 http error codes could be because the base ASP ↵Nathan Kinkade
variables have changed. Update them upon any 500 error.
2013-11-27Apparently e.code for HTTPError is an interger, not a string.Nathan Kinkade
2013-11-26Dont' show the Next Page>> link if we are already viewing the last of the ↵Nathan Kinkade
2013-11-26Added the ability for a user to export search results to a CSV file.Nathan Kinkade
2013-11-26Fix issue with negative search assertions.Nathan Kinkade
2013-11-26When a urllib2 returns error code 500, try incrementally sleeping more and ↵Nathan Kinkade
more after each of the 3 attempts.
2013-11-26Moved command line argument processing to avoid problems when importing ↵Nathan Kinkade
script through interpreter
2013-11-26Renamed script to conform to python standards (no hyphens).Nathan Kinkade