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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-16remove redundant message block CSS classMoritz Stoltenburg
2013-06-08Rename uploadify SWF wrappers to end in .swf.php for consistency.Bharat Mediratta
2013-05-09Change upload code to use new uploadify urls.Bharat Mediratta
2013-02-14#2003 - Add admin/movies screen.shadlaws -> galleryproject.orgBharat Mediratta
2012-10-08Updated Select Photos button hitbox to cover full visible button area.epeay
2012-06-05Do a better job of escaping filenames when uploading. Fixes #1881.Bharat Mediratta
2011-04-28This patch helps provide raw photo support with some small changes to the fra...Chad Parry
2011-04-23Overhaul of the uploader code:Bharat Mediratta
2010-12-15Don't show the "can't find ffmpeg" message to non-admins. Fixes #1528.Bharat Mediratta
2010-09-01Don't use $.remove() to get rid of items from the uploadify queue;Bharat Mediratta
2010-08-31Expire completed uploads and introduce a text message that says howBharat Mediratta
2010-08-30Detect Flash and put up a reasonable message if your browser doesn'tBharat Mediratta
2010-08-291) Rename "Cancel All" -> "Cancel uploads" to clarify what we'reBharat Mediratta
2010-08-21Put up a warning and don't accept movie files if we don't have ffmpeg.Bharat Mediratta
2010-07-16Remove code that was inadvertently committed.Tim Almdal
2010-07-15Rename Flash_Uploader to just Uploader. Modules that want to replaceBharat Mediratta
2010-07-11Merge branch 'master' into talmdal_devTim Almdal
2010-07-10Accept extension .m4v as video/mp4Romain LE DISEZ
2010-07-09Reset the postion option to center when the form data is reloaded, to force t...Tim Almdal
2010-06-20Rename "simple_uploader" to "flash_uploader" to make room for an HTMLBharat Mediratta
2010-02-28Apply ui-helper-clearfix to the breadcrumb in the upload dialog to ensure it ...Chad Kieffer
2010-02-28Updates to upload CSS to make it themeable and RTL compatible. Use absolute p...Chad Kieffer
2010-01-28Secure the t("Completed") call.Bharat Mediratta
2010-01-23Increase the size of the 'select photos' button so that it doesn't wrap and s...Tim Almdal
2010-01-02Correct formatting in the uploadify dialog box for safari.Tim Almdal
2009-12-30Force the 'Select Photos...' button to always be in the center of the upload ...Tim Almdal
2009-12-02Rename the "upload_limit" variable to "simultaneous_upload_limit" forBharat Mediratta
2009-12-02Allow users to override the number of simulatenous uploads. This setting won...Tim Almdal
2009-11-21Correct inconsistent captialization. Fixes #906Tim Almdal
2009-11-20Convert the Simple Uploader form over to Forge, and use the eventBharat Mediratta