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2014-01-14Added a module that displays a play button icon over movie thumbnails so peop...HEADmasterNathan Kinkade
2013-12-29Do not autoplay videos.Nathan Kinkade
2013-12-29randimg submodule tracks new commits.Nathan Kinkade
2013-12-29Sort tag search results descending.Nathan Kinkade
2013-10-17Merge branch 'master' of git:// Kinkade
2013-09-06#2083 - Sanitize data from files.shadlaws
2013-09-06#2082 - Sanitize admin theme options that get placed directly in HTML.shadlaws
2013-07-17Merge branch 'master' of git:// Kinkade
2013-07-16remove redundant message block CSS classMoritz Stoltenburg
2013-07-09Remove extension from cache busters of non-combined JS/CSS links (follows 2078).shadlaws
2013-07-08Move "item_moved" event later in the item update process. Fixes #2077.shadlaws
2013-07-06#2078 Missing file type extension on combined css/jsDaniel Muller
2013-06-26Fix Controller_Auth_Test - T_CURLY_OPEN not parsed as "{". Update golden file.shadlaws
2013-06-13Merge branch 'master' of git:// Kinkade
2013-06-12change "size" to "dimensions" and display unit "px"jamaa
2013-06-12internationalize image size displayjamaa
2013-06-12fix upgrade functionjamaa
2013-06-12fix whitespacejamaa
2013-06-12add the image size (in pixels) to the info modulejamaa
2013-06-12#2074 - Mirror some additional file_proxy checks in data_rest.shadlaws
2013-06-08Rename uploadify SWF wrappers to end in .swf.php for consistency.Bharat Mediratta
2013-06-06Replace flashmediaelement.swf with a PHP wrapper that strips urlBharat Mediratta
2013-05-24Merge branch 'master' of git:// Kinkade
2013-05-15Follow-on to #2069 - Decrease stack size of MPTT rebuild task.shadlaws
2013-05-14#2069 - Change "Fix your Gallery" task go faster and be more comprehensive.shadlaws
2013-05-09Get rid of the security preamble - we intend for these files to be directly a...Bharat Mediratta
2013-05-09Change upload code to use new uploadify urls.Bharat Mediratta
2013-05-07Merge pull request #352 from rlerdorf/masterBharat Mediratta
2013-05-07#2065 - Fix problems with double-ajaxifying of dialogs.shadlaws
2013-05-05There is no $g2_album_id hereRasmus Lerdorf
2013-04-21Ensure that movie titles are purified upon display.shadlaws
2013-04-14Golden file update follow-on for c37288f0b24c19813405096c087ab0c7c171c358Bharat Mediratta
2013-04-14Sanitize all key values.Bharat Mediratta
2013-03-19Merge branch 'master' of git:// Kinkade
2013-03-14#2058 - Separate uploader logic into Kohana-, Item-Model-, and Uploadify-spec...shadlaws
2013-03-14#2062 - Fix extra/missing spaces in search query.shadlaws
2013-03-13Merge pull request #202 from shadlaws/fix_2051Bharat Mediratta
2013-03-13Merge pull request #216 from shadlaws/fix_2061Bharat Mediratta
2013-03-13#2061 - Remove Uploadify from add_photo_form/add_photo_form_completed events.shadlaws
2013-03-13#2059 - Add album name sanitizing similar to photo/movie filename sanitizing.shadlaws
2013-03-12Merge pull request #209 from shadlaws/fix_2057Bharat Mediratta
2013-03-12Merge pull request #210 from shadlaws/fix_2055_2056Bharat Mediratta
2013-03-12#2051 - Revise how Gallery_View returns combined JS and CSS.shadlaws
2013-03-12#2057 - Revise item name and slug validation - backslashes, refactor, error m...shadlaws
2013-03-12#2055, 2056 - jQuery updates for .attr("value", [value]) and .keyup(handler).shadlaws
2013-03-12#2054 - Revise albums_form_add.js: update for new jQuery, refactor.shadlaws
2013-03-11Merge pull request #204 from jozefs/issue1838Bharat Mediratta
2013-03-11Merge pull request #207 from shadlaws/fix_siblings_callbackBharat Mediratta
2013-03-11Merge pull request #206 from shadlaws/fix_2050Bharat Mediratta
2013-03-11Fix Theme_View::siblings bug - limit and offset reversed in sibling_callback.shadlaws