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2013-08-28Update to newest MediaElementJS (follows vendor repo).shadlaws
2013-08-28Update to newest JSON-js (follows vendor repo).shadlaws
2013-08-28Update jQuery libraries (follows vendor repo).shadlaws
2013-06-16Update jQuery libraries (in sync with vendor)shadlaws
2013-06-08Rename uploadify SWF wrappers to end in .swf.php for consistency.Bharat Mediratta
2013-06-06Replace flashmediaelement.swf with a PHP wrapper that strips urlBharat Mediratta
2013-06-05Follow-on to ce937201d0eff90178e2c89219e1000fc1175177, update the swf fileBharat Mediratta
2013-06-04Updated MediaElement.js to 2.12.0 (2601db5ebeeaa96b3fa1f1015c494433cbcd9a85)Bharat Mediratta
2013-05-09Get rid of the security preamble - we intend for these files to be directly a...Bharat Mediratta
2013-05-09Add the proper Gallery preamble.Bharat Mediratta
2013-05-09Follow-on: put at least one byte in the fragment so that it doesn'tBharat Mediratta
2013-05-09Strip URL fragments off of direct requests to uploadify SWF files.Bharat Mediratta
2013-05-07#2065 - Fix problems with double-ajaxifying of dialogs.shadlaws
2013-03-16Update to Superfish v1.5.13, with JS minified (in sync with gallery3-vendor)shadlaws
2013-03-11Merge pull request #205 from shadlaws/fix_2053Bharat Mediratta
2013-03-11#2053 - Change all .bind() to .on() for jQuery future-proofing.shadlaws
2013-03-11#2052 - Revise gallery.show_full_size.js: update for new jQuery, refactor.shadlaws
2013-03-09Remove Flash Flowplayer v3.shadlaws
2013-03-08Add MediaElementJS to handle HTML5/Flash/Silverlight video and audio.shadlaws
2013-03-08Remove HTML5 Flowplayer v5.shadlaws
2013-03-04Minify (and re-minify) JS libraries (in sync with gallery3-vendor).shadlaws
2013-03-02#2033 - Add Flowplayer 5 to play HTML5 videos.shadlaws
2013-03-02Merge pull request #175 from shadlaws/fix_1639Bharat Mediratta
2013-03-02#2032 - Fix short form submit/cancel button formatting.shadlaws
2013-03-02#1639 - Make dialog "Cancel" links into buttons like "Submit"shadlaws
2013-02-28#2018 follow-on and #2023 - Fixed issues with thumb hover effects.shadlaws
2013-02-27#2022 - Fix handling of watermark dialog errors.shadlaws
2013-02-26Merge pull request #164 from shadlaws/fix_2017_2019Bharat Mediratta
2013-02-26Merge pull request #166 from shadlaws/update_jquery_20130226Bharat Mediratta
2013-02-26Update to latest JSON-js, in sync with gallery3-vendorshadlaws
2013-02-26#2017, 2019 - Update Flowplayer, fix special character issues. In sync with g...shadlaws
2013-02-26Update jQuery libraries to current as of 2013/02/26, in sync with gallery3-ve...shadlaws
2013-02-23Merge pull request #158 from shadlaws/fix_2012Bharat Mediratta
2013-02-23Merge pull request #161 from shadlaws/jquery_ui_1_10_1Bharat Mediratta
2013-02-23Merge pull request #160 from shadlaws/fix_2014Bharat Mediratta
2013-02-23Update jQuery-UI from v1.10.0 to v1.10.1shadlaws
2013-02-23#2014 - Clean up gallery.ajax.js.shadlaws
2013-02-23#2013 - Clean up gallery.panel.js (formatting only)shadlaws
2013-02-23#2013 - Clean up gallery.panel.js.shadlaws
2013-02-23#2012 - Clean up gallery.in_place_edit.js (formatting only)shadlaws
2013-02-23#2012 - Clean up gallery.in_place_edit.js.shadlaws
2013-02-18Context menus are fixed! This should be fully compatible with older themesshadlaws
2013-02-17Fix up autocomplete for admin_server_add - found and fixed some bugsBharat Mediratta
2013-02-16Context menu dialog box problem: better, but still not working.shadlaws
2013-02-15Fixed formatting in gallery.dialog.js (no functional changes).shadlaws
2013-02-15Dialog sizing, titles, and z-index. This should ensure the small <500px dialogsshadlaws
2013-02-14Merge pull request #141 from shadlaws/jquery_19_dialog_sizingBharat Mediratta
2013-02-13Fix Cancel link positioning, fix watermark error reply (seems to have already...shadlaws
2013-02-13Dialog centering, sizing, etc. seem to be fixed! Well, *if* they come from a...shadlaws
2013-02-12Changing 2 library names back to (less-standardized) original names.shadlaws