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2013-03-12#2057 - Revise item name and slug validation - backslashes, refactor, error m...shadlaws
2013-02-27#2021 - Cleanup thumb_dirty and resize_dirty instances.shadlaws
2013-02-26#2020 - Add CLI install argument to set admin password.shadlaws
2013-02-16#1749, 1754, 1901 - revert two recent commits that check for Zend Guard obfus...shadlaws
2013-02-12Follow-on to b01897af8deaf38d9da627b39168cb296572384f - add debugging message...shadlaws
2013-02-12#1988 - Add movie_allow_uploads option ("always", "never", or "autodetect").shadlaws
2013-01-27Add a key on relative_path_cache in the items table to improve performance on...Bharat Mediratta
2013-01-26#1946, 1947 - Make altered names/slugs more user-friendly, make conflict-find...shadlaws
2013-01-25Properly escape backslashes. Fixes #1962.Bharat Mediratta -> galleryproject.orgBharat Mediratta
2013-01-21Update copyright to 2013. Fixes #1953.Bharat Mediratta
2012-12-18[#1928 - Make thumbnail generation more flexible for movies (graphics and mov...shadlaws
2012-12-16[#1924, #1925, #1927 - enhance compatibility with movies (movie helper) and f...shadlaws
2012-11-13[#1907] Added administrative variable to set lock timeout.chalbertgit
2012-10-08Installer for comment module version 6 still set rss_visible to "both"Bharat Mediratta
2012-07-21Rename any files that have two dots in them to a legal name. ThisBharat Mediratta
2012-06-05Clean up the path location. Fixes #1880.Bharat Mediratta
2012-05-15Harden installer against bad characters in the database name or prefix. Fixe...Bharat Mediratta
2012-05-07Oops, fix up a bug originally added inBharat Mediratta
2012-05-06Update the installer bundle for the comment module. Fixes #1852.Bharat Mediratta
2012-02-27Update copyright to 2012. #1822Bharat Mediratta
2011-05-05Fix for ticket 1275. Do the same checking as Kohana uses and don't worry abou...Tim Almdal
2011-04-23Further cleanup for minimum_password_length -- updateBharat Mediratta
2011-04-23Set the default value for gallery.timezone to null so that each install usesBharat Mediratta
2011-04-23Fix ticket #1694. Correct Spelling of mininum_password_length to minimum_pass...Tim Almdal
2011-04-22A few more fixes for #1637:Bharat Mediratta
2011-04-22Allow the administrator to set the number of tags to display in the cloud via...Tim Almdal
2011-04-22Follow on fix for #1645 to update the installer.sqlBharat Mediratta
2011-04-22Renamed apple_touch_url to apple_touch_icon_url.Chad Kieffer
2011-04-22Created apple-touch-icon and added to wind and admin_wind themes.Chad Kieffer
2011-03-27A little more work on kandsten's fix for IPv6 support inBharat Mediratta
2011-01-21Update copyright to 2011.Bharat Mediratta
2011-01-18Get rid of the "organize needs rest" message when upgrading to theBharat Mediratta
2011-01-17Update installer for #1612 and #1605.Bharat Mediratta
2011-01-16Fixed paging for albums ordered by random.Joe7
2011-01-08Turn off session.use_trans_sid -- that feature attempts to inject session idsBharat Mediratta
2011-01-08Use the code version when installing a module that has no installer,Bharat Mediratta
2011-01-08Bump the organize module to version 3 and get rid of the code thatBharat Mediratta
2011-01-07Don't enable the REST module by default (fixes #1585).Bharat Mediratta
2011-01-03Some small follow on fixes for #1559 and #1568:Bharat Mediratta
2011-01-03Updated installer for the bump of the gallery module to v43. Fixes #1568.Bharat Mediratta
2011-01-03case fixJoe7
2011-01-03Bugfix: input validation validates description up to length of 65535 chars, b...Joe7
2010-12-31Update gallery module to v42 to reflect key changes in the cacheBharat Mediratta
2010-12-28Added changes to installer and upgrader scripts to support INSERT ON DUPLICAT...Joe7
2010-12-16Detect safe_mode and abort the install. Fixes #1534.Bharat Mediratta
2010-12-15Use mt_rand() instead of rand() since it provides better portability.Bharat Mediratta
2010-11-08Check for the PHP Ctype extension. Fixes ticket #1474.Bharat Mediratta
2010-10-02Oops, forgot to update installer to match change inBharat Mediratta
2010-09-16Add a module variable containing extra paths to search for binaries.Bharat Mediratta