aide-scripts.gitScripts to manage signatures of AIDE files. 7 years
dc-foodtruck-scraper.gitScrapes DC foodtruck location information from into a machin...4 years
dotfiles.gitPortable personal config/rc files. 7 years
gallery3.gitA clone of the Gallery3 code for testing and development. 8 years
logwatch-conf.gitCustom Logwatch configs to reduce verbosity and readability of reports. 7 years
miami-dade_clerk_courts.gitScripts to scrape cases from MDCC site and store data in a searchable local data...8 years
nutridb.gitAn online food and recipe nutrition calculator. 2 years
oneclick.gitStreamlined donations for CiviCRM. 8 years
randimg.gitA tiny Gallery3 module for displaying a random image on an external site. 7 years
roundcube.gitA clone of the Roundcube Mail code for testing and development. 10 years
vortant-theme.gitA custom WordPress theme for Vortant based on the stock twentythirteen theme. 7 years